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Funded Projects

2021 Funded Projects
Western Thistle Football Club - Purchase of 18 football strips for local youth team.
The Norse Mill Society - Assist with the running costs as a result of donations being reduced due to Covid-19.
Sgoil Shiaboist Parent Council - Assist with the purchase of headphones to help with pupils' curricular access.
Hebrides Mountain Rescue Team - Assist with the costs of building a new base for the Hebrides Mountain Rescue Team.
Lewis Crofters Ltd - To Assist with the costs of purchase a new EPOS and E-Commerce system.
2020 Funded Projects
Shawbost Free Church of Scotland - Towards the costs of the purchase and installation of audio-visual equipment for livestreaming of services.
Lews Castle College UHI (St Kilda Library Project) - Assist with the costs of updating books etc. as part of the the St Kilda Library project upgrade.
Western Isles Kidney Patients Association - To assist with funds as a result of fundraising efforts being affected by Covid-19.
2019 Funded Projects
Shawbost Free Church of Scotland - Expedite the 2nd Phase of the Repair, Refurbishment, Exterior Painting (Church and Manse), safe Car Parking alignment and Car Park Boundary Wall to the historic church building and surrounds.
Acair Books - towards the costs associated with publishing a book celebrating the art which uniquely captured the life of fishermen and crofters by Donald Smith from Bragar who was well known to island children as an inspirational primary school art teacher.
An Eathar Coastal Rowing Club - towards the costs of continuing to offer rowing to the wider public, to existing members and to attract visitors to the area as well as providing training for beginners and arranging safety cover to protect rowers.
WIIGA - towards reducing the cost to individual participants to make attending the games as affordable as possible.
Clann An Latha An De - towards the cost of their Annual Mainland Culture Trip.
Bragar Fitness Group - towards the cost of two online instructor courses which will allow the group to provide a wider range of type and time of classes.
Shawbost Community Gardens - towards the costs of the floral displays throughout village and in the community garden.
Carloway Agricultural Society - towards the costs of printing the Carloway Show Programme, which lists the exhibits and activities as well as being a very effect route for publicising the show.
2018 Funded Projects


Lewis and Harris Youth Clubs Association – towards the cost of a Minibus to replace the current one which was due to be retired.

Sgoil Shiaboist – towards the costs of the P5-P7 school trip to Inverness.

Clann An Latha An De – towards the costs of their Annual Mainland Culture Trip.

An Eathar Rowing Club – towards the costs of increasing members and the maintenance/safety of equipment.

Shawbost Gardening Group – towards the costs of maintaining the community garden.

Bragar Fitness Group – towards the costs of purchasing new equipment and replacing current equipment.


2017 Funded Projects


Team Leanne - supported their Magnificent 7 Challenge.

Clann an Latha an De - funded their annual culture trip to the mainland, this time they took in the sites of Pitlochry and the surrounding areas.

Western Islands Games in Gotland - support of the athletes to enable their participation in the Games.

Third Sector Hebrides - assisted with their Carers Project which will benefit people from all over the Island.

An Eather Coastal Rowing Club - Horshader Community Development have helped with the funding of their new safety equipment, up to 50 local people will benefit directly from this funding. An Eathar advise they gratefully acknowledge the support of Horshader Development Trust!


2016 Funded Projects

Westside Runners and Fitness Club - to help with the costs of staging the Hebrides Triathlon.

Hebrides Alpha - to go towards revenue costs of the Project.

Shawbost Sheepdog Trials - to help with costs of staging and holding their event.

Westside Agricultural Show - to assist with hiring a marquee, fencing and barriers along with a tannoy sound system - Westside Show Facebook.


2015 Funded Projects


An Eathar Rowing Club - towards launch event and purchase of safety equipment.

Long Island Rural Trust - to assist with cost of new digital weighing system.

Bethesda - towards cost of developing additional nursing home beds.

Western Isles Island Games Association - to assist with cost for attending 2015 games.

Enable Stornoway Branch - towards cost of respite break.

The Mod - towards the costs of organising and promoting the The Mod Website.

Recliner Chair - to help purchase a suitable riser/recliner chair for a community member.

Bethesda Care Home and Hospice - to assist in the costs of the development of the upper floor.


2014 Funded Projects


Shawbost Heritage Museum - towards purchase and refurbishment of former church and museum building.

Carloway First Responders - to purchase advanced training equipment to benefit all responders’ groups access to training.

Clann an Latha an Dè - to fund travel costs to enable their group to participate in guided walks to places of interest on the Isle of Lewis.

An Eathar - towards purchase of a boat kit and training - An Eathar Facebook.

Duke of Edinburgh - to support part-costs of new tents and an overseas trip for the group.

Dalmore Cemetery - to fund improvement and protection works.

Shawbost Gardening Group - to assist with costs of preparing floral tub decorations throughout village.

Carloway Agricultural Show - towards the general costs of the annual show.

Carloway Community Association - to assist with costs of their community newsletter.

Lewis and Harris Piping Society - towards running costs.

Hardship Donations - for those in food and fuel poverty.

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