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Handyman / Grasscutting

What is the service?


The project employs a part time handy person to carry out basic DIY in the community, especially for the most vulnerable, to help them enjoy a better quality of life and remain as independent as possible for as long as possible.


For example, we can do:

- Fence painting

- Take in coal or peat

- Cut your grass/strim

- Minor household repairs

To find out more about the project, becoming a member and availability of the service click here

To become a member of the Support and Connect Project click here

Who can access it?


Anyone who is a member of Support and Connect can access the service, however priority will be given to the most vulnerable members of the Horshader Community. Apply for a registration form Complete and return the form to us with the small membership registration fee of £5.00 per household.


How do you access it?


Please contact the office and let them know the service you require and they will schedule the job. This service will be available on a first come first served basis.


Costs involved: Those of pensionable age or with a recognised medical condition will be charged £10 per hour, otherwise the services will be charged at a rate of £20 per hour.


How do I pay?


Payment can be made by BACS, cash or cheque. Please refer to invoice for payment details.

A gate built by our handyman Don for M. Macleod, 36 North Shawbost

A gate built by our handyman Don for M. Macleod, 36 North Shawbost

Our handyman Don grass cutting

Our handyman Don grass cutting

"I have used the Horshader handyman on many occasions. He cuts my grass every few weeks(which I hate doing), he's fixed my locks on my doors, sorted a leaking tap and helped me to clear out my loft. When I'm stuck around the house I think Horshader Handyman."


"Prompt and helpful service. Thank you!"


"I needed to move furniture and couldn't do it and contacted Horshader who provided an excellent service. Well worth a phone call."


"Greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help."


"I am very, very pleased with the work carried out by the Horshader Handyman, I live alone and am on my eighties the grass cutting is just too much for me but the handyman made a really good job of it and I really appreciate it"


"Fantastic Service to have in our community"

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