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Projects & Services

Community Growing Project

The Community Growing Project has now come to an end. It was set up at the beginning of 2014 following a community consultation process.

Click Here For More Info on the Community Growing Project

Support and Connect Project

The aim of the Rural Support and Connect project is to enable the community to enjoy a better quality of life through the community minibus facility and the handy person service. This project will run until March 2019 and will be evaluated throughout. We are seeking volunteer drivers to support this project.

To find out more about the project, becoming a member and availability of the service click here

To become a member of the Support and Connect Project click here

Support and Connect Project – Handyman/Grass Cutting Services

The Handyman/Grass Cutting project employs a handy person to carry out a variety of odd jobs.

Click Here For More Info on the Handyman/Grass Cutting Services

Support and Connect Project – Minibus Service

The Rural transport service is a door to door service which is not provided through scheduled bus services, on a non-profit basis.

Click Here For More Info on the Minibus Services

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